WhatsApp Update in Beta Coming Soon: Includes Dark Mode

This week WhatsApp update in Beta version is going through a lot of Major updates. A few days earlier, WhatsApp launched two new features to curb fake news. Now, again the new beta update is coming with some exciting new features.

Whatsapp update in beta

DARK MODE- Many applications and social media platforms like YouTube, Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook messenger are steadily adapting Dark Mode. Now WhatsApp is going to adopt this feature. This feature is already rolled out for Beta in iOS. The mode will switch your theme from the default to a black theme. Also, it’s claimed that it will put less strain on your eyes and save battery life. The report also mentions that the dark mode won’t be OLED friendly. According to WABetaInfo, the beta version of the app is at the testing stage.

Authentication Feature-  According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is reportedly planning to add an authentication feature in a new update. This will further add an extra film of security to the system.
Currently, this new feature in WhatsApp beta update is in version 2.19.83 for Android.

Whatsapp update in Beta

You can enable this feature from the Settings menu, then go to the Account section and move to Privacy. After you pick the biometric authentication feature in the settings. WhatsApp will then ask you to press in fingerprint in an order to confirm the operation. Once enabled, you will be given three options to lock the app immediately. The three options include after 1 minute, after 10 minutes or after 30 minutes.
The company will soon release this to its Android app after the finalizing the stable version.


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