WhatsApp Update Rolled out to Curb Fake News: Forwarding Details

WhatsApp is constantly working to update its service and add new features to its platform. As we know WhatsApp is planning to add several features that would enable users to spot fake news and fake images on its platform. In January, WhatsApp announces restriction in forwarding messages to five contacts only. This was done to stop the spread of fake news on the online messaging platform but outcomes are not up to the mark. But the new 2.19.80 beta version has rolled out for Android phones. Now, WhatsApp is testing two new features called “Forwarding Info” and “Frequently Forwarded“. Whatsapp informs this new update in a tweet from the twitter handle WABetaInfo.

Tweet from officials
  • Forwarding Info: So the first new feature in new Whatsapp Update is the “Forwarding Info”. This feature will let you know how many times a message you have sent to your friends has been forwarded. The tool is available in the info section for messages and will allow users to get more details about a forwarded message.
WhatsApp Update
  • Frequently Forwarded: Last year, WhatsApp introduces a feature that tagged forwarded messages. Now they are introducing a “Frequently Forwarded Tag”. The Frequently Forwarded tag will appear on the top of the text bubble if it is forwarded more than four times.
New Feature

Also, WhatsApp Business Developers have plans of adding a new Short Link feature on to its iOS platform that would enable businesses to share a short link with their customers. This will help customers to start a WhatsApp chat with the respective businesses.

If you want to use this feature, you must be a Beta User. As till now, this feature is rolled out only in new Whatsapp Business Beta Update in iOS.


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