Top 7 Cool New Apps of the Month You will Love to Try!

Since a huge number of New Apps releases every month, so It’s not easy to explore every single of them. Hence, we have gone through a large number of Android apps and shortlisted some of the coolest apps. You must try these at least once.



This app is specifically made for Gamers, and if you’re a Youtuber or a Twitch Streamer you will love it. So, the basic purpose of this app is to live stream on your favourite platforms. You can stream on Facebook, youtube, twitch and also they have their own community in this app.It has also pretty good game overlays to provide info to your viewers. There are many more features in this app.

Some of the main features include:

* Live stream to your favorite platforms

* In-app currency and donations

* Weekly competitive tournaments and events

* In-game voice chat


This is a DNS Resolver and according to them they are the best for this purpose. But What does it do? In simple words, It provides you speed and privacy for your internet connection. It can boost up your connection upto 28%.It’s a Cloudflare’s Development , so yes we can trust it.But in terms of privacy , the app is not up to the mark. So, if you better care about privacy, use a VPN instead of this.Overall the is very well configured.You must check this app , just go to the button below and give a try.

Some of the main features include:

  • makes sure no one can snoop your DNS queries.
  • makes the Internet faster by using Cloudflare’s global network.
  • One-touch setup


action dash

Google’s digital well being is an excellent feature released in Android Pie but is limited to Pixel devices and some other Android One devices. Just like with Digital Wellbeing, ActionDash, bringing most of Digital Well being’s features to every Android device. It is a cleanly-design new app that provides you with phone and app usage statistics.

Some of ActionDash’s power user enhancements and customizations include:

  • Runs on all Android devices Lollipop and later
  • Daily usage report notification
  • Detailed device unlock and session length stats

There’s a Pro version of app which costs about Rs 100 and offers some additional features like

  • Stats beyond 7 days
  • No days
  • Dark mode
  • Restore manual backups

4. NO CROP    

no crop ( new apps )

If you use Instagram, you must have  this app on your phone.Because it helps you square your image, so you don’t need to crop it.Sometimes, Instagram does not allow you to upload photos in some different dimensions. But No Crop is here to help you. You can blur the background or use some colour filters.It has amazing feature which can make your social media life better.

Some of main features include:

– Post full sized photos on Instagram

– Rotate, flip and resize photos

– Can choose free background patterns

– Select album photos as your background


zedge new apps

Zedge provides millions of HD Wallpapers, Ringtones, notifications, alarm sounds. The main highlight of the app are the beautiful and amazing custom size wallpapers and ringtones.This incredible collection the best option that you can get on the playstore.Give it a try.

Some of the main features are:

• Customize your wallpaper even further by adding stickers!

• Free live wallpapers let you set moving images as your background or lock screen.

• Preview and download millions of ringtones, notification sounds and alarms to personalize all your device sounds.

• Add a sound or wallpaper to favorites without downloading.


bottom quick settings

This app probably is the most boring on the list because most of time we don’t need it. But sometimes, it can be very useful, when we have to save our time.Basically, it is bottom panel which provides you all the settings that we need to change in our normal use. I will list all the features below, and if you find it useful, you should download it now!

Some of the features include:

– Control all notifications

– Change the screen brightness, ringtone and media volume with sliders

– Ability to toggle secure system settings such as Mobile Data and Location. These settings can only be toggled with root or a one time ADB command, due to Android’s security restrictions

– Operating Settings like WiFi, Mobile data,Bluetooth,Location, Rotate mode and many more.



The name of this app on playstore is Text Converter Encoder Decoder Stylish Text. They just revealed all the features in the name. So, as the name gives the idea about what it can actually do. It can be used to Encode or  Decode text into any language . By language I mean the languages just like Binary,ASCII, Morse Code etc.So you can use it to send message anonymously to anyone. It also can be used to make Barcodes ,or to scan barcodes,writing stylish text and many more.

Some of the Features include :

  • The text converter (type input box for encode, output box for decode)
  • Create fun text, stylish text (40 style):
  • Create decorate text (40 style)
  • You can create special text (more than 100 style)


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