PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 Beta Update Out Now! Explore What’s New

PUBG Mobile is bringing in some new changes to the game. A New Update is rolled out in PUBG Mobile in its 0.11.5 Beta version which comes with exciting new edition. So, This 0.11.5 beta update sizes up to 1.7 GB for Android devices and almost same for the iOS. This is bigger than the previous versions.

pubg mobile beta

PUBG Mobile Beta v0.11.5 brings in some new changes to the mobile game. So, we will able to see dynamic weather system in Erangel and Miramar.  Also, the addition of New Rifle & Vehicle is going to super awesome for PUBG Fans. Most Importantly, the Vikendi map will get the new G36C rifle. This will fire 5.56mm rounds and can be equipped with stocks. This gun will replace SCAR-L in Vikendi. The New vehicle is the Tukshai aka Auto RIckshaw which will replace Jeep & Mini-Bus. So, you can download the beta version alongside the original version on your device. However, you cannot log in to your social media accounts on the beta version so you’ll have to play as a guest.

pubg mobile updates

The New Additions in the PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 Beta Update includes:

  • The dynamic weather system in Erangel and Miramar.
  • The new G36C rifle weapon and which will replace the old Scar-L rifle in Vikendi.
  • The Additon of Tukshai in Sanhok map, will replace some other vehicles.
  • Zombies in event mode will now enter a weakened state from time to time during the match.
  • Bugs related Zombies are fixed in PUBG update 0.11.5.
  • Resource drops, Vehicle fuel levels and zombie skills are tuned for better experience.
  • Quick chat message “I got supplies” is now pre-selected.
  • Bugs while previewing outfits have been fixed.
  • New feedback button added in the main menu.


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