NASA Space Telescope Captures Space Butterfly : Check This Out

A gorgeous image of a place where new stars are born is just captured by NASA. The latest picture comes from the Telescope is a composite of four infrared images. This stunning infrared image which the space agency is calling a ‘space butterfly’ is captured by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. It is 1,400 light years away from Earth.

The Space butterfly is a massive cloud of gas and dust or also called a Nebula. Generally, they are made from the material thrown out by a dying star. But probably, this one is a region where the material is being drawn together by gravity and can unite into new stars. It has the nickname for its two wings of hot gasses either side of a central cluster of stars.

A Nebula ( Not Space Butterfly )
A Nebula

NASA explains that stars are formed from the destruction of clouds that prompts their genesis. These condensed gases have a considerable force of gravity, which pulls clouds of dust and gas and pulls objects to form dense cluster or clumps. When clumps achieve a desired critical density that is required it results in the formation of stars at their core.

NASA is a huge Space Corporation and they keeps on emerging into the space and exploring the deep sites. Also, recently they had completed Mars Helicopter Flight Tests to reach the surface of the Red Planet.


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