Xiaomi’s Mi Universal Remote Selling Begins in China

Xiaomi continues to launch products for Mi Home’s ecosystem and today announced Mi Universal Remote. As it is a successor to the first model we had seen 2-3 years ago. It is designed to control various household appliances, besides the Xiaomi Mijia ecosystem. It has the price of 79 Yuan, about Rs. 809 and will be on sale in China from 21 March.

Features of Mi Universal Remote

As it reveals its name, it has a 360 degrees infrared transmitter to be able to simultaneously control all home appliances in its range. According to Xiaomi, it supports over 6,000 electronic devices of all types. Like televisions, home theaters, air conditioners, audio systems etc. Unlike its predecessor, the new Mi Universal Remote supports voice commands. It has a range of 10 meters and 360 degrees operating range.
So, If we talk about connectivity, it uses WiFi 802.11n to connect to the router.

You can connect to the device and configure it using Mi App.
To operate you only need to connect it to the power through the micro USB cable which comes along with the remote. As convenience is that you can control the voice commands, and the Mi Universal Remote can translate them into more understandable signals for home appliances. Imagine you are asking the air conditioner to lower the temperature by a couple of degrees. Giving the command to TV to turn up the volume. It is just like you are taking to things around you. So, Mi Universal Remote will do its job quickly and efficiently as the promise by the company.


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