Firefox LockBox: Password Manager arrives on Android

Mozilla’s Free Password Manager for Firefox Users was available for iOS users last year. Now, on Tuesday Mozilla has finally made an announcement for its arrival in Android. Firefox Lockbox is a way for users to access their logins which are already caches in their Firefox browser from their mobile device.

Firstly, users need to sign in to a Firefox browser using the same account they use for the Lockbox app. Also, the app requires no extra setup and provides easy access to all the accounts stored on the Firefox browser.
Like any other password manager, you can use biometrics like Face ID or fingerprint to protect access to the passwords. It also auto fills the password in mobile apps so you won’t have to copy and paste passwords every time.

Mozilla's Password Manager

The company assures that the data is encrypted and since it is all done on the user’s device, Mozilla is not able to know the passwords or read users data. So, it is up to the mark in terms of privacy and security.

In recent times, Mozilla is working on the numerous programmes and Firefox Lockbox is one of them. Mozilla is currently working on several projects including Firefox Color⁩, ⁨Side View⁩, ⁨Firefox Notes⁩, ⁨Price Tracker and ⁨Email Tabs⁩ etc.


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