cVIGIL App Launched By Election Commission to Stop Poll Code Violations

cVIGIL app

In the season of Elections of 2019, the government is taking all possible steps to have fair elections. Due to this, Election Commission Launches an application known as cVIGIL app. Election Commission hopes that this new cVIGIL app helps to build a speedy complaining system.

What does it Do?

So, lets firstly decode the name of this app, cVIGIL stands for Vigilant Citizen, a citizen who keeps careful watch for possible dangers or difficulties. So, by using this app people can report poll code violations. People can report any type of breach of Model Code of Conduct (MCC) done by some anti-social elements. This will help people to choose their representative by fair voting.

cVIGIL app

How the cVIGIL app works?

So It consists of a fusion of features like timestamping, live photo or video, auto location data. The automated location mapping will be done by the app using Geographical Information System(GIS). After submitting a report the user will get a unique ID. This ID helps to track and receive follow-up updates regarding the violations in his/her mobile. Without disclosing the identity, the app provides provision to the person to report the matter and protect the privacy of complainant.

These days, probably this is the most useful productivity Android app for an Indian on the Playstore. So, it will be beneficial for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2019. It is an amazing use of the technology which acts as a helping hand in conducting a fair Elections.

How to Get it?

Till now the cVIGIL app is only available for Android and not for the iOS.The app is available on the PlayStore but will work from the date of notification of election. It is 12MB in size and very easy to operate. You need to have Android 4.1 or above to run this app.

If you want to download this app , just go to Google PlayStore or Click on the Button Below.

google playstore


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